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source: Catalogue of Life. Skarpfinnet glathaj In Danish. Argentine Angelshark, Smoothback Angelshark, Sawback Angelshark. VU: Tope Shark, Flapnose Houndshark, Sharpfin Houndshark, Smoothtooth Blacktip,.

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Triakis maculata, Spotted Houndshark. Triakis megalopterus, Spotted  History, USNM-201409, 1018 mm adult female. Type Locality: Isla de la Plata, Ecuador. Synonymy : None. FAO Names : En - Sharpfin houndshark; Fr - Virli  Family LEPTOCHARIIDAE – Barbeled Houndshark. Leptocharias smithii – Barbeled houndshark Triakis acutipinna – Sharpfin houndshark.

The reproduction of this houndshark is ovoviviparous. The Sharpfin Houndshark is a rare species of ground shark found in a limited region of Ecuador and hence is poorly known and distribution is uncertain.

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Sharpfin houndshark

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He is rumored to be the wealthiest individual of the Cloudbreak Islands. Flapnose Houndshark– Scylliogaleus quecketti (Boulenger, 1902) Banded Houndshark– Triakis scyllium (J. P. Müller & Henle, 1839) Leopard Shark– Triakis semifasciata (Girard, 1855) Sharpfin Houndshark– Triakis acutipinna. Spotted Gully Shark or Sharptooth Houndshark– Triakis megalopterus (A.

Sharpfin houndshark

Tr DN. T. maculata Spotted Houndshark 240 ?
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Sharpfin houndshark

23, Carcharhinus borneensis, Borneo haj, okänd, Hotad. 24, Centrophorus  Art: Triakis acutipinna - Ecuadorian triple-teeth haj (Sharp-fin houndshark); Art: Triakis maculata - Peruvian tri-teeth haj, eller fläckig tri-tänder haj (Spotted  Flapnose Houndshark Flapnose Ray Platta Pebblesnail Platta Pigtoe Platt-faced Sharpfin Houndshark Sharpnose Guitarfish Sharpnose Stingray Sharpsnout  The sharpfin houndshark (Triakis acutipinna) is a houndshark of the family Triakidae. Only two specimens have been found, both in the coastal waters of Ecuador, the longest one being 1.02 m in length. The reproduction of this houndshark is ovoviviparous.

- 429 - Field Marks: A houndshark with a short broadly rounded snout, lobate anterior nasal flaps that do not reach the mouth and are far separated from each other, long upper labial 2017-01-01 Checklist of Living Sharks (Revised 1 January 2007) I am frequently asked to provide shark enthusiasts an up-to-date list of known shark species. Triakis acutipinna Kato, 1968: Sharpfin Houndshark (Chirichigno and Cornejo 2001) Triakis maculata Kner & Steindachner, 1867: Spotted Houndshark (Chirichigno and Cornejo 2001; NPOA-Sharks Peru 2014) Family Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus altimus (Springer, 1950): Bignose Shark (Chirichigno and Cornejo 2001) Carcharhinus brachyurus (Günther, 1870 A term used by my friends and I to describe certain game players (typically paintball players). A shark will spare little to no expense to give himself an incredible advantage over other players.
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sharpfin houndshark på svenska - Engelska - Svenska Ordbok

P. Müller & Henle, 1839) Leopard Shark– Triakis semifasciata (Girard, 1855) Sharpfin Houndshark– Triakis acutipinna. Spotted Gully Shark or Sharptooth Houndshark– Triakis … What does sharpfin mean?

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sharpfin houndshark på svenska - Engelska - Svenska Ordbok

Titta igenom exempel på sharpfin houndshark översättning i meningar, lyssna på uttal och lära dig  sharpfin houndshark · sharpie · sharply · sharpness · sharpnose sevengill shark; sharpshooter; sharptooth houndshark · Sharqia Governorate · Sharu Naraji  Longnose Houndshark, Lowfin Houndshark, Sharpfin Houndshark, Speckled Smooth-Hound, Deepwater Sicklefin Hound Shark, Ocelate Topeshark. Excerpt:  Följande andra wikier använder denna fil: Användande på Triakis acutipinna. Användande på Sharpfin houndshark. sharpening stones; sharpenned; sharpens · sharper · sharpest · sharpfin hound shark · sharpfin houndshark · sharpgs · sharpie · sharping · sharpish · sharply  22, Triakis acutipinna, Sharpfin houndshark, minskande, Hotad.

Triakidae: Leopard Shark, Smooth-Hound,: Llc, Books:

omanensis) • Lowfin houndshark (Iago Sp.A) · Mustelus (Smooth-hounds). M. albipinnis • Gummy  Sharpfin houndshark. TTA. 1080402301. 629 Triakis maculata. Spotted houndshark. TTM. 1080402303. 630 Triakis megalopterus.

Behaviour Unknown Ecology Bibliography Anatomy and Apperance Conservation Very few descriptions of living Sharpfin Houndsharks have been made, it is brownish-grey on upperparts, fading to a What does sharpfin mean?