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In this case, through the signal light circuit. Two weeks after trusted mechanic changed timing and accessory belts, I noticed the following symptom: When I brake to stop, e.g. on a red light, engine briefly shakes and shuts down, several lights incl. "check engine" come up. This does not happen always, about 20%-40% of attempts. When this happens, I can restart car normally. Stalling when braking hard.

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Given that this happens on coast-down, it seems that the amount of fuel is not dialed back quickly when the throttle plate closes, resulting in too much fuel and not enough air, causing the engine to stall. In the transmission of an automatic car, there is a torque converter, which takes the place of a mechanical clutch. The torque converter is supposed to unlock both during cruising and deceleration. Sometimes, however, braking occurs before the torque converter has a chance to do this. The result is power loss and the stalling of the engine. What is a PCM and What Does it Have to do with Stalling.

Do what Steve said and pull the vacuum line to the booster and cap it off and see if it still stalls. If it doesn't stall, then it's time for a new booster.


Loose or corroded wires in wiring harness: An inconsistently firing ignition will result in an easily stalled engine. If the wires don’t have consistent, constant, and reliable connection with the ignition circuit, the vehicle can lose voltage quickly, and it won’t have the power it needs to keep running as you slow down.

Engine stalling when braking


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Engine stalling when braking

ram, 1500. Rfm1 October 23, 2016, 5:04am #1. I have 2014 Ram Outdoorsman hemi. When braking hard engine stalls.
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Engine stalling when braking

I should also update that it doesn't really take "hard" braking to stall.

Your vehicle’s brake system employs As far as the stall. If you are sitting with the vehicle running and in neutral, does it stall if you press the brakes? If it does, then either we are dealing with an engine vacuum issue or it could be related to a ground issue.
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stalling on braking could be a brake booster problem or a vacuum leak. If you drive along a strait road at 50 mph and instead of braking take your foot off the gas and push in the clutch does the engine drop to and hold idle? 2019-04-26 · Braking normal its fine, but put the car into a hard brake when it is diving forward and it wants to stall.

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First, the transmission is checked for contamination; if so, the part is disassembled and the main housing is cleaned. If the engine stalls during braking, an inspection is necessary to narrow down the problem in order to repair the vehicle and avoid further issues. First, the transmission is checked for contamination; if so, the part is disassembled and the main housing is … 2016-01-12 Common causes of stalling. Not enough gas getting to engine; Lack of spark; Engine lugging due to some combo of low rpm and/or high load at idle; I think those are the places to focus for the cause. One idea, a lab volt meter could be positioned in the cabin so the driver could watch it to see if anything weird happens coincident w/this symptom. The signal lights turning on indicates a bad ground at the rear lights.

AltRider Brake Lever Shield for the KTM 1190 Adventure / R

Torque Converter. All modern torque converters “lock”.

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